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Maternity Tops: The best that matches you During Pregnancy

Are you a lady who loves wearing best suited clothing for your body shape and look hot and sexy? Then how about getting pregnant? Beep beep, I know what’s on your mind right now icon smile Maternity Tops: The best that matches you During Pregnancy No worries ladies, keep on reading!

If you are a fashion loving lady, you can still wear your favorite pieces even during the pregnancy. But you should mind picking the best ones for your bump. First of foremost, you must make sure you are always on the comfort zone so is your little bun.

5 180x300 Maternity Tops: The best that matches you During Pregnancy

Here are a few tips to consider;

  • Size

It is said mothers-to-be should always choose maternity tops in the same size they wore pre-pregnancy, but it’s not as easy as that. Because, not all maternity tops are designed for pre-pregnancy sizes. Most, but not all of them are, so it pays to do a little research on the brand or to try on the items. If you can, read the labels on maternity clothes to find out if they’re pre-shrunk and how they base their sizing.

  • Flatter or Fail

In an effort to minimize buying maternity tops, and worrying that what fits them now won’t fit them later in pregnancy, many women will make the mistake of buying sizes that are too large, or plus-size tops. Avoid this because you’ll end up with maternity tops that are too loose and baggy and don’t have “give” in the right places.

  • Your Budget first

A common complaint about buying maternity tops is price. When you shop to save, you generally encounter lower quality collections. Poorly made maternity tops fall apart quickly in the wash, shrink or don’t retain shape after laundering, pill and fray, slip down over your belly, ride up, make you too hot, and itch. Instead of shopping for quantity, shop for quality.

  • Dress With confidence

Never be ashamed of your growing tummy. Sometimes it could be upsetting to hear other commenting on your changing body shape. But this is what you were waiting for and being a mother is incomparable for any other life phase of a woman. Enjoy your pregnancy with the best maternity pieces to show off your curves!

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5 Best Ways to Squeeze in Mommy Naps

As much as you love your new little bundle of joy, you enjoy getting enough sleep each night. However, as all new parents quickly learn, a good night’s sleep is almost impossible until your newborn starts to sleep through the night. Until then, you must find unique ways to catch a few mommy naps throughout the day. By considering these tips, you may be able to squeeze in those much needed naps and still be the caring, attentive mom your baby needs.

1) Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Before you leave the hospital with your infant, your doctor or nurse may urge you to remember this little hint of advice. In the first few days at home, you may feel excited and simply want to gaze at your newborn as he or she sleeps. However, sleep deprivation will inevitably catch up to you, leaving you desperate for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

This can make you cranky and irritable which, in turn, will make the baby discontented as well. You shouldn’t feel guilty or afraid if you accidentally sleep through your baby’s cries. Studies show that no harm will come to your baby with those brief moments of independence. It is imperative that you get proper rest to ensure that you are alert of your surroundings. In time, you will feel refreshed and ready for more of baby bonding time.
2) Warm Baths and Baby Play

Sometimes, you may notice yourself falling asleep at inopportune times while the baby is highly alert. Try using play gyms for babies to provide an outlet for the excess energy followed by a warm bath. This does wonders to help baby fall asleep. You may also want to try to keep the baby stimulated when he is sleepy and you are alert to start establishing a sleep schedule.

3) Quick Naps During Car Trips

When your family takes a car trip, you can get take a quick doze in the car. With your spouse or partner driving, you can ease back in your seat and rest while your baby sleeps in the car seat. Most babies sleep for hours when they are in their car seats going on a car ride. The motion of the car may even lull you to a restful sleep.

4) Accept Help When Offered

If your family and friends are offering to help you with your baby, you should take them up on their offer. Even if it is only for an hour or two, you should welcome the opportunity to let someone watch your little one while you take a mommy nap. Your loved one may relish in the bonding time they have with your baby while you rest up for a few hours. So, it is a winning situation for all.

5) Don’t Parent Alone Unnecessarily

If you have a partner helping you raise your baby, you should delegate some parental authority to him. Many new moms feel like they have to take care of their babies all by themselves and that their partners will not know what to do to care for their babies properly. However, it is vital that dads perfect their parenting instincts and skills as well. They can do this when you hand over the baby for a little bit and take a nap. Your partner will learn how to care for the new baby and take on an active parenting role.

When you bring home your new baby, it is vital that you find a few unique ways to get a mommy nap in each day. By doing so, it can keep you healthy and on top of your parenting game for your newborn.

Author, Domonique Powell, is a proud mother of four. She thinks using play gyms for babies is a good way to provide exercise. Everyone knows that a healthy baby is a happy baby.

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10 Style Tips for the Pregnant Diva

When pregnant, a women needs to feel good and beautiful. However, while the inner diva in every woman demands style, comfort is a must during this sensitive stage. Still, you are going to be inviting a prince or princess in your world soon, so it is important that you stay happy and satisfied with the way you look.

To help you look your best in spite of your baby bump, here are 10 tips you can’t afford to miss out on.

1.    Dress According to Your Shape

To start dressing like a stylish diva, you first need to take time and know your body shape and type. There are mainly four different kinds of pregnant body type, so you need to dress then accordingly. For a comprehensive guide on how to dress each body type, click here.

2.    Make Sure that Your Undergarments are Comfortable

In order to start feeling good about yourself, especially when you are pregnant, you need to start with your undergarments. Even though you may be fluctuating in size throughout your pregnancy, it is important that you do not compromise on the quality of the underwear that you are buying. Opt for fabrics that are soft and breathable as this is the time when you will need comfort the most.

3.    Invest in the Basics

Even though you may not want to empty your bank account when buying necessary things for your pregnancy wardrobe, it is important that you consider investing in a few basics. These basic items include comfortable jeans, trousers, and a simple pencil skirt that flatters your body shape. However, focus on getting jeans with expandable waistlines as these are most helpful and comfortable during pregnancy.

4.    Elongate Your Look

Whatever size or body type you are, you will probably need look longer to counter your roundness. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can achieve this goal. For example, you can opt for an open cardigan or dangly scarf or even use long necklaces. These necklaces add inches to your height as they give the illusion of a longer neck.

5.    Try Out Maxi Dresses

No matter what size or pregnancy body shape you are, maxi dresses that are nicely designed are a great option for a stylish yet comfortable pregnancy wardrobe. Now there is a huge variety of maxi dresses available at our store, so you can choose anything from a short hemmed to a full length dress. Combine these maxi dresses with safe heels or flats and watch how heads turn when you step out of your house.

6.    Get High with Wedges

A common misconception that people have is that pregnant women shouldn’t wear heels or wedges. However, these people do not understand that heels are necessary when you are pregnant because they help balance the body and add some glamour to the happy bump that you are carrying. So, ditch loafers, rubber soled shoes and lace ups for something a bit more fashionable and stylish.

7.    Go for Dark Colors

A lot of people swear by black when they are pregnant because it makes them appear taller and leaner. However, even if you can’t or don’t want to opt for simple, basic black, try going for other darker colors as these will have a similar effect.

8.    Create a Focal Point

When you need to draw attention away from your rump, try out creating another focal point where your audience’s eyes will automatically go. Even if you have another body part that you would like to hide, there are a number of ways in which you can do so. For instance, if you feel that your bottom is too heavy, bring the focus up to your neck by wearing necklaces or a patterned scarf.

9.    Focus on Hair and Make up

During pregnancy, your face is going to be glowing and your hair is going to be shining. So, take care of your hair and accentuate your pregnancy glow with little makeup. A number of celebs like J-Lo and Kim Kardashian have proven that you can look gorgeous with just a few brushes of eye shadow.

10.         Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Finally, don’t forget to complete your look by accessorizing with scarves, bags, shoes and jewels. These look great and complement the outfit that you are wearing.

So, start implementing these tips right away. You are welcome to choose most of the items on this list from the store, so head there to see what Trendy Tummy Maternity has for you.



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Tips For Decorating The Nursery In A Gender-Neutral Way

f39 1 Tips For Decorating The Nursery In A Gender Neutral Way Decorating the nursery is an exciting thing to do and there are a lot of amazing ideas out there. You often want to get all the decorating done well before the baby is due because you won’t have much time to think about wall paint after the baby comes.

But sometimes you also don’t want to know the gender of the baby beforehand and need to think gender-neutral ways of decorating. To help you out here are some great practical decorating tips.

Use Neutral Colours

The best way to make a nursery gender-neutral is by selecting the colours carefully. You want to go with colours that aren’t that associated with girls and boys. So naturally you want to avoid using a lot of blue or pink in the room.

One of the best nursery colours that don’t highlight gender is yellow. Green is also another option you can consider. Even using neutral colours like different shades of white and grey can work as long as you add some baby elements later on with the décor and use brighter colour with these. There will be some examples of how to do this below.

You can find a lot of good gender-neutral colour combinations at the Be creative and try to go with bright and energetic colours since this is a great way to keep the baby’s mind active.

Animals, Numbers And Letters

There are a lot of great toy ideas that aren’t gender specific at all, especially for babies. For a baby it is also important to have a lot of educational items around to engage them from an early on. You can use things like animals, numbers and letter toys in the nursery.

These are all great as part of the process of teaching the baby to speak and you can get them ready without really knowing the gender of the baby. Naturally you will soon be getting a lot of toys from friends and family once the baby is born.

That is why at the start you don’t have to worry if the nursery isn’t filled with different toys right from the get-go.

Clever Décor On The Walls

Once you have the walls painted with a neutral colour you can add some nice décor to add more feeling to the room. You don’t want to keep it too clinical and it is important to add some elements that showcase the function of the room.

One really clever new way of doing this is to use wall stickers. There are a lot of different options available in nursery wall stickers in gender-neutral styles. This adds a nice baby element to the room but doesn’t really promote the gender of the baby if you choose the style carefully.

You can also just prepare a few hanging frames that you can use to add baby pictures once you start getting them. In the meantime you could use lovely animal postcards, for instance, in place of the photos. This gives the room a polished feel and saves you from having to hang the picture frames later on.

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Mary loves decorating and she is always looking to come up with new decorating ideas. She also loves to find out toys and games that engage and educate young children. When she wants to relax she reads a good romantic novel.

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Obstetrician

For many women, choosing an obstetrician at the beginning of a pregnancy is one of the more stressful decisions they will face. The process seems overwhelming, and the necessity of choosing one quickly rushes many women into choices they later regret. The important thing to remember when choosing the perfect obstetrician is to take your time, do your research, and make sure to follow these tips.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before you get too ahead of yourself, make sure you understand what you need out of your doctor. Do you need to feel assured that your doctor is the best of the best or would you rather work with someone who is comforting and can hold your hand? What are you birthing philosophies? What is your ideal birthing environment and your ideal pain relief strategy? Are you subject to any complications that may necessitate a specific obstetrician? Would you prefer a man or a woman?

Consider Location

Take a look at the hospitals and midwife homes around your area. It’s usually a good idea to stay as close to home as possible, in case of any emergencies or complications. But this doesn’t mean you need to stick with the doctor closest to home. Branch out as far as you feel comfortable traveling and do your research within that vicinity.

Interview More than One

This is perhaps the most common mistake made by women. They don’t want to go through the trouble of meeting more than one doctor or they feel they should take everything that one doctor says at face value. You will not be able to make a truly informed decision unless you meet more than one doctor, asking the same set of questions each time. You will find that their answers will always differ. The vibe you get from each person will help you better decide who is right for you.

Pay Attention to Body Language

As you conduct each interview, pay attention to the doctor’s behavior behind his or her words. Do they appear to be rushed, short, or bored? Do they cut your appointment off right on the dot? Or do they seem warm, easy going, and eager to work with you? Do they laugh and smile often, and appear to listen to you intently? These are important observations to make when choosing a doctor; they all have a verbal interview strategy prepared, but they can’t always prove to genuinely be the person you want to hire through their body language.

Follow Your Gut

Even if your doctor’s body language is hard to read, listen to your own gut when making the decision about them. Your instinct will tell you more than you might realize about a person, and this will prove to be an invaluable guide when choosing your obstetrician. If someone appears to be the perfect candidate but your gut tells you otherwise, then choose someone else. It’s important for you to feel comfortable throughout the process and to feel like you made the right choice.


Like every decision you will be faced with during your child’s life, choosing the right obstetrician is extremely important. The perfect doctor is someone who will understand who you are, what your hopes are for your child in the future, and what you need now to actualize those hopes. Whether it be an OB/GYN in Santa Monica, or a midwife in Toronto, every good doctor should be in it for you and your baby all the way.


Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose pride and joy is her family. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others. She loves working with amazing obstetricians, like Tristan Brickman MD and associates.

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Lost & Found: Airport Lactation Rooms

Flying with kids can be difficult. But flying with a baby while trying to maintain a breastfeeding schedule can feel impossible. Between trying to find a quiet, private spot to keep your baby “on task”, to making sure you have access to a sanitary breast pump, the airport can seem like the worst place on earth for new moms.

Luckily, some U.S. airports have realized the need for “nursing rooms,” and are providing both mother and baby with a place to call home while traveling. So where are these mythical places? And what can you do to make sure your baby has a comfortable experience on the go?

Top Airports for Breastfeeding Moms

These U.S.-based airports are getting it right for moms-on-the-go. While some provide something as simple as a chair located in the women’s restroom, others go the extra mile by providing private rooms, rockers and even locations near a children’s play area. As information can change frequently, it’s always best to double check the airport facilities before heading out.

1) Albany International Airport – New York
Location: Woman’s restroom after security checkpoint
Though not as private as some would like, Albany International provides a clearly marked location inside the women’s restroom. Comfortable chairs are provided, as is a changing station.

2) Billings Logan International Airport – Montana
Location: Women’s restroom before security and at the end of Concourse B
According to some on the internet, Billings Logan International Airport gets it right by providing great support for breastfeeding moms. With two locations both before and after security clearance, this airport goes a bit further by also offering changing tables, sofas, glider rockers and privacy locks.

3) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Locations: Various
While Hartsfield-Jackson does not provide dedicated rooms or locations for nursing mothers, any of the airport’s “Family Restrooms” can be used for nursing; they also have electrical outlets available for breast pumps. Additionally, private conference rooms in the American Airlines Admirals Club are available free-of-charge for nursing purposes, located near T10.

4) Indianapolis Airport
Location: Room 10T.307A (Pre-security by the American Airlines ticket counters) and Room 04A.304 (Post-security by the Starbucks on Concourse A)
Breastfeeding moms traveling through Indianapolis Airport are in for a treat. These dedicated rooms are provided both before and after security, and feature comfortable chairs, electrical outlets, tables and restroom facilities.

5) Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport
Location: Terminal 1-Lindbergh on Concourse C
MSP International provides a private room to nursing moms and to those who wish to express their breast milk. You will need to visit the Traveler’s Assistance Desk first, located across from gate C12, in order to get access.

6) Seattle Sea-Tac (Seatac) Airport
Location: Next to the children’s play area in Terminal A
If you’re a mom with several children, play areas are like a gift from above. Seattle Airport gives traveling kids a chance to burn off excess energy in the play area and for mom to make use of the private breastfeeding facilities right next door.

7) San Francisco International Airport
Location: Every terminal
One of the best locations for breastfeeding is San Francisco Airport, where private breastfeeding facilities are offered in every terminal. Look for the door that says “Nursery” and pick up the white courtesy phone there to gain access. Inside are recliners, sinks, electrical outlets and restroom facilities that are nice enough to make you relish the idea of travel with your baby.

Tips For Breastfeeding On The Go
While nothing will match the comfort and privacy of your own home, there are a few tips and tricks to get your baby comfortable enough to breastfeed while traveling or flying. Try to minimize distractions for your baby by using a cover or nursing blanket to block out as much visual stimulation as possible. Additionally, a breastfeeding pillow can work wonders to get both you and your baby into an easy feeding position. And always make sure you’ve expressed enough milk to take with you for those inevitable airport delays you can experience, particularly during the busy holiday season.

Keeping up with a breastfeeding schedule is tough enough without adding a flight into the mix, but there are some options for traveling mothers. While setting up your travel itinerary, check with the airport you’re flying through to determine what type of facilities they can provide. In addition, always be sure to keep extra supplies for your baby on hand. Though it will be a bit of a change for your little one, try to think of it as a new adventure you’re both going on for the first time.


April Dean Hunter is a freelance writer and mom who traveled often with her son when he was just a baby. She suggests that other moms can prevent some of the travel stress by bringing along a breastfeeding pillow to provide a moment of relief and comfort for themselves and their babies.


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Dressing up for a wedding – How pregnancy and formal wear go together

Being pregnant and looking glam is one thing – feeling glam when you are feeling all hot and bothered with swollen feet is another. So when you have a long day and night ahead of you at a wedding and you are pregnant – you will need to have the right outfit to make sure you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction or an overheated and irritable expectant mother malfunction. Here are some tips on how to pull off the formal maternity wear look – effortlessly.

Less is More

It is not unnatural to feel like you are suddenly vacuum packed into your clothes while standing in the line at the bank, when you felt absolutely fine when you got dressed that morning. But you can go home and change into something less uncomfortable and get through the rest of the day hot flushes and all.

But when you are headed out to a wedding, when there could possibly be a long drive out to the country, pre drinks, the ceremony and a long night for the reception ahead of you, there is no chance you can just nip home and change. And if you are in the middle of nowhere, staying in the only guest house for a 10 mile radius – a wardrobe malfunction is only going to add to the stress.

When choosing your outfit make sure it can accommodate long periods of sitting without making you feel like you can’t breathe. Stick to classic maternity dresses and stay away from the trends. Awkward lines, unbecoming designs and barely there dresses are not the way to go for a long day and night at a wedding – classic is classy; just look at Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge.

The Long and the Short of It

Standing for long periods of time could make your feet, ankles or legs swell when you are pregnant – particularly if you are standing in the hot summer sunshine. For this reason you may want to consider wearing a long formal dress to a wedding – pick your material carefully and it could keep you cool throughout the day.

The length of the dress will then be able to hide any unsightly swollen feet and you could also sneak in a pair of flats without anyone knowing, which will make it much more comfortable for the long day and night ahead. Chiffon with lots of feminine layers will look amazing and keep you cool for throughout the ceremony and keep the chill off your legs later on in the evening.

It’s all about the Cut

Empire lines in maternity dresses are very flattering – it’s a classic line and as long as your dress doesn’t fit too tightly under your breasts and doesn’t feel like it is squashing your rib cage you will be good to go. If you are planning on wearing something short and tight, be plenty confident that you can pull it off and will not be stressing about how you look all day. But don’t be shy to put those gorgeous breasts on show. For many women, pregnancy is a chance to embrace the cleavage they have never had before – flaunt it; pregnancy is beautiful, even though you don’t feel like it all the time and maternity dresses are more flattering than you imagine.

Feel the Glow

Thanks to all the extra pregnancy hormones, your skin, hair and nails are getting a double dose of stunning and you will literally be glowing. So when it comes to pregnancy skincare your natural beauty will be at its best. Keep your wedding makeup light which will be fine if you have been following a good skincare routine. Remember too, especially for outdoor weddings that sunscreen is really important – this is the time you need to watch out for pigmentation. Make sure you don’t miss out on areas like your neck and hands and spray perfume in areas that won’t meet the sun and just embrace looking your best.

Pack the Pashmina

Unless you are going to a winter wonderland wedding, you may need to pack a scarf or pashmina. They are wonderful because they can fit into a small clutch bag and in the event tou need shelter from the sun or a chill, you can pull out the trusty pashmina to make you feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, feeling comfortable is going to make you look a million bucks all on its own.

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